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A Week in the Dark (summary)

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Sometimes we need to step into the darkness to find the light

(and that’s nothing to be afraid of). On this day last year, I crawled out of this little Guatemalan hut into bright sunlight after living for more than a week in pitch black solitary confinement. Of all the things I’ve done in the name of self development, my friends agree this one is the most mental, but it was also one of the most incredible and transformational weeks of my life. It’s easy to believe that external events are the cause of our experiences and emotions, but when we take away the external world and make space to see things as they really are, it becomes clear that in fact it’s the other way round - our past experiences and emotions determine the way we interpret and experience external events. We have to turn towards our pain and fears to heal, not run away from them. Understanding how to process pain in a healthy way is at the core of all my coaching and yoga /meditation teaching. . When we are ready to do the work, we can literally unload and enlighten ourselves of heavy energy that has been holding us back from what truly makes us happy. I’ll never forget the moment I emerged from the darkness back into the light and saw my body, plants, sunlight and other people for the first time in over a week. I’ve never felt such gratitude for the simple beauty of life and seeing this photo is a lovely reminder to keep turning towards my darkness without fear and continue helping others to do the same.

Read the full adventure here


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