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About Minnie Lane

Minnie Lane was born near London on international men’s day. As one of the first female dating coaches for men in a male dominated industry, Minnie has carved a unique and successful 17 year career as a personal development coach, helping men develop in maturity and attractiveness. Named a top global dating expert of 2023, she is considered a leading voice in the industry.

In 2019, Minnie featured as lead contributor and spokeswoman for the critically acclaimed documentary ‘The Pickup Game’. Released during the #metoo era, Minnie spoke to large audiences at international film festivals and became a catalyst for change to help clean up the toxic, underground pickup artist industry.


Minnie’s work has attracted attention across international tv, press, podcasts and radio including BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, CTV, The Evening Standard, Stylist, Glamour, The Marilyn Denis Show and The Social. Some examples of her work can be found below. When she’s not too busy teaching men personal development, Minnie enjoys holidays in pitch black solitary confinement and taking long road trips with her partner and Mexican street dog, Taco Mágico.

Press and Media Coverage

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