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" Minnie brings a delightful combination of a positive attitude, real life experience and a practical application of her knowledge to her development sessions. It is this unique mix that meant I came away from her sessions motivated, with a clear sense of positivism and direction. I would highly recommend her sessions "

- Matthew, 42, UK -

* * * * *

" When I first met Minnie, I was taken aback by how deep her understanding of attraction went. Like a surgeon, she was able to break down advice I'd been given elsewhere into fundamental principles. I now understand WHY my successes were successes and WHY my failures were failures. I now have the tools to progress and move forward on my own. If I were to recommend any one person to help a guy out with dating, it would be Minnie "


- Ciaran, 26, Ireland -



* * * * *

"Minnie is absolutely amazing at what she does. Working with her has been an experience that changed the very fabric of my understanding of human connection.

I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to better themselves in personal life or dating"

- Ranjith, 30, Canada - 


* * * * *

"Simply put, she's amazing. You'll learn a lot from her as I did"


Al , 27, New Zealand -

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