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'Grow more attractive by becoming your true self'


Dating can be challenging for all sorts of reasons, but I'm here to help. I'm a London-based dating, attraction and connection coach with over a decade of experience helping people from all over the world become more attractive versions of themselves. 


My coaching helps with confidence, self-worth, conversation skills, connection building, respectful approaching, voice, body language and online dating. I guide my clients to do the work, providing support, encouragement and fun along the way.

The Approach

As a dating coach with a degree in psychology and communication, and master's level research in the psychology of positive relationships, my approach has always been a little different.



Most of the dating coaching industry focuses on quick fix 'results' - an approach that often leads men to develop fake personas and learned routines to 'pick up' women. Instead, I help my clients understand the dynamics of communication and guide them through self-development necessary for building intimate connections with others.



In addition to my psychology background, my coaching combines awareness of the mind, body and human behaviour from professional training in meditation, yoga, life coaching and embodiment coaching, as well as insight gained from deep personal meditation practice and long periods of sensory deprivation


Working on mindset and behaviour simultaneously, I help my clients understand and eliminate the root causes of mental and emotional blocks preventing them from experiencing natural attraction. This is not a quick fix to 'act' more confident by learning lines and routines, but the tools to strip away fears and layers of false self, so you can actually become that confident, naturally attractive version of you.


The Conversation

You've heard it from me, but good conversation should never be one way. Over to my clients...

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* * * * *

" Minnie brings a delightful combination of a positive attitude, real life experience and a practical application of her knowledge to her development sessions. I came away motivated, with positivity and direction. I would highly recommend her "

- Matthew, 42, UK -


* * * * *

" When I first met Minnie, I was taken aback by how deep her understanding of attraction went. Like a surgeon, she broke down advice I'd been given elsewhere into fundamental principles. I now have the tools to progress and move forward on my own. If I were to recommend anyone to help a guy out with dating, it would be Minnie"


- Ciaran, 26, Ireland -



* * * * *

"Minnie is absolutely amazing at what she does. Working with her has been an experience that changed the very fabric of my understanding of human connection.

I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to better themselves in personal life or dating"

- Ranjith, 30, Canada - 


* * * * *

"Simply put, she's amazing. You'll learn a lot from her as I did"


Al , 27, New Zealand -

Find Out More

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Private Coaching

Central London

Private Coaching

via Skype

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: All coaching is now via skype only. I'm in the process of writing all my teaching into a book and online tutorials. If you'd like to be notified of publication dates, please join my mailing list or subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you have any questions, I'd love to hear from you. 


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