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Coping with Anxiety during Coronavirus

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

If anyone is feeling overwhelmed or anxious right now, remember this is likely to be the most difficult stage emotionally, because for many people there will be a sense of losing control, feeling helpless and fears of not being able to cope with future moments.

Wanting to feel in control of things that are beyond our control causes a great deal of unnecessary suffering.

It can be helpful to realise that we are never really in control of our lives and that we only ever need to be able to cope with what’s happening right in this moment, ie. drinking this tea, reading this book, stroking this dog: 🐶

We can allow other emotions to pass through us as they arise, without feeding worrying thoughts with our attention.


Where attention goes, energy flows and that’s what grows

You get to choose what you grow in your life and deciding to grow skills like accepting things as they are (which we have to, frankly, because it’s already happening) is a great use of this time.

In every seeming disaster there is always opportunity if you know where to look for it. So it’s best to focus energy on the things we can control, like looking after friends, family and neighbours.

In a few days most people will likely start to become more comfortable with things feeling out of control and will start to feel better, regardless of the situation as we realise we are much more able to cope with uncertainty than we realise.

From my end, I’m business as usual but Skype sessions only, obvs. If you want more in depth help in dealing with your emotions during this difficult time, or if you fancy using this time to work on your conversation skills, self esteem, body language or fears around rejection, then you know where I am. I’m offering concession prices to anyone struggling financially - just email me.

I’m also planning to adapt some of my coaching into online videos, so sign up to my mailing list or YouTube if you’re interested.

Other than that, I will be using this time to cultivate as much love as I possibly can to share with those around me.

Stay home, stay safe.

Minnie x


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